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Pardon My Boasting


            Yesterday I slipped a hand washable sweater into the washer along with some other delicate items and washed it on the gentle, hand-wash cycle with cold water.  I planned to lay the sweater out to dry before throwing the other items in the dryer.  Before the wash cycle finished, however, we received a call from Gabby inviting us to the school Thanksgiving play.  I didn’t think of the sweater again until I was washing up for bed.  I decided it could wait until morning.

            Then I walked into the bedroom and saw an outfit lying on the bed that had been in the washer with the sweater.  Ted, as he often does, had noticed the unfinished laundry and had dried the clothes for me.  I was speechless with panic.  I love that sweater!  Rebecca and Chad gave it to me!  Had it been ruined by the dryer?  What should I say?

            I really think Ted enjoyed watching me.  The damp sweater was safely lying on the drying rack outside the family room.  I’d like to take credit for teaching him how to do the laundry—after all, I did show him how to use the machine years ago before I was laid up for six weeks after surgery, and he had to do laundry again when I broke my foot.  However, I never entrusted him with hand-washable-lay-flat-to-dry clothing.

            He’s an amazing house-husband.

Drying Sweater

Drying Sweater



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“Pardon My Boasting”

  1. Avatar November 22nd, 2008 at 11:59 pm Carolyn Hansen Says:

    awwww. that’s so sweet!

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